Gerwald Rockenschaub


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Galerie Krobath is pleased to host its first solo exhibition of Gerwald Rockenschaub (*1952 in Linz, lives and works in Berlin). Under the title "astrobot(n)ic / philanthropic / this/that interlude (vision)" Rockenschaub presents pieces created especially for this exhibition, which oscillate between abstraction and representationalism and are a direct reflection of the artist’s continuing perceptual-psychological exploration. On the one hand, there are large-format composite pieces made of Plexiglas in which different elements are pieced together into a single motif so seamlessly, that the individual layers are only apparent upon closer inspection. The question of what one is actually looking at is also thematized in his new group of engravings, which comprise some of Rockenschaub’s most subtle work. At first glance, they appear to be monochrome Plexiglas pieces, the surfaces of which reflect the surrounding space. However, when viewed from a different angle, finely engraved drawings emerge, sparking strings of associations.

The images we see, or think we see in the engravings, change depending on our viewpoint and the way the light hits them. They could be interpreted as a political message, as a kind of challenge to constantly change our point of view. But perhaps another interpretation can be gleaned by the title "astrobot(n)ic / philanthropic / this/that interlude (vision)". It hits us like sound poetry. The words, not unlike the minimalistic lines of the engravings, invoke countless associations with reality. Due to the rhythmic emphasis, one could easily imagine the cryptic slogan as a rapped refrain in a piece of electronic club music. That would make Rockenschaub’s new engravings something like visual music or musical visions that set us in motion – and maybe even get us dancing in the end.