Sonja Gangl



In her drawings, Sonja Gangl transports the genre of still life painting into the 21st century by linking our entire culture of consumption with the concept of Memento Mori. It’s only a tiny step from worshipping the “beautiful things” of nature to worshipping the “beautiful things” of culture. Just like still lifes in previous centuries reminded us of the mortality of all worldly things, Sonja Gangl’s drawings warn of the transience of all human-made products. And yet at the same time, she upholds art’s claim to be eternal by using the style of the old masters in her drawings.

Texts by Hemma Schmutz und Robert Woelfl.
Wien 2017. ISBN 978-3-200-05451-6. (English translation: Mandana Taban)

Sonja Gangl’s still lifes could be described as inverse still lifes. They make loss and evanescence palpable in black and white. They show us the receptacles used for transport which until recently held and preserved all the wonderful fruits and foods and are now robbed of their function. The cycle of
global trade, which largely ensures the world’s supply of food, has symbolically come to a halt here.

Hemma Schmutz, from the catalogue “Sonja Gangl THIS IS STILL LIFE”. (English translation: Camilla Nielsen)

Soloshows (Selection):

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Groupshows (Selection):

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