black/white & chewing gum


From June 8, 2006 Galerie Krobath Wimmer will host the group exhibition “black/white & chewing gum” arranged by the Berlin-based artist Gerold Miller. The exhibition includes works by: Saâdane Afif, John Armleder, Martin Boyce, Stef Burghard, Julian Dashper, Philippe Decrauzat, Carmit Gil, Isabell Heimerdinger, Francisco da Mata, Mathieu Mercier, Gerold Miller, Anselm Reyle, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Ugo Rondinone, Paul Snowden, Esther Stocker, John Tremblay and Kelley Walker. After “Silver Convention” (Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin, 2003) and “Die gute Form” (Galerie Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin, 2005) this present exhibition will be the third arranged by Gerold Miller, dealing with contemporary forms of minimal and concept art. The paintings, sculptures, video clips and graphic works which were produced exclusively for the “black/white & chewing gum“ exhibition form a dense and cohesive installation.

The artists represented in this exhibition belong to the new generation of artists who break with traditions in search of formal innovation and new positions beyond long-established conventions. They depart from traditional structures of minimal or concept art, moving towards new artistic solutions. Their work can be regarded as an avant-garde experiment, in which art and everyday life merge. It is the logical reaction to the altered conditions of production and perception in our time. Here the reflection of everyday life plays an important role.

Black and white (the most popular combination of colours in minimal and concept art) evoke a retro-future in which all possibilities for design and shape are available in a condensed and reduced form. As “the spirit of innovation!” (the slogan of an US-American chewing gum brand), the exhibition “black/white & chewing gum” breaks with the established criteria of minimal und concept art and shows it from a new perspective, free of stereotypes.