Die W├Ârter in den vier Ecken


This exhibition presents nine contemporary approaches to working with various concepts of synergy connecting language and images. In general, the Pictorial and Linguistic Turns are rather carelessly referred to as two mutually exclusive cultural parameters. This exhibition proves the opposite: There are diverse possibilities that arise from this very connection between linguistic and pictorial expression within one artistic format.

And even if the combination of text and visual language (as two levels of communication) in one picture or another medium sounds rather trivial, this crossover is by no means as common practice in fine arts as it is, for example, in advertising. At first glance, the reason for this seems to be the rather strange distinction between the so-called conceptual and figurative approaches. Or in the case of traditional painting, typographical and written elements in paintings are considered a threat to the process of illuminating contemplation. Thus one might also say that the majority of figurative artists have opted to remain permanently in the silent movie era. By way of contrast, this exhibition of a small selection of works presents an overview of media constellations that do not overlook the possibility of simultaneously appealing to both sides of the human brain.