Gerold Miller


Krobath Wien is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of the Berlin based concept artist Gerold Miller on the occasion of Vienna Art Week on November 18th 2014. Since the beginnings of his artistic career the artist follows an elegant strategy of stepping out of the picture, without never really leaving it.

The artist will present new „Monoform“ and „set“ works, especially ideated for the exhibition. Both groups of works represent his ongoing occupation with a radically reduced understanding of pictoriality, which he has formulated since the very beginnings of his artistic career. The recent series of „Monoforms“ takes inspiration from some early works of this time. To date they are the most wide reaching steps taken on Miller's path to differentiate himself from the traditional format of the 'painting'.

The classic understanding of the 'picture' is streched to its extremity by the „Monoforms“. Consisting of two equally proportioned aluminum slats mounted in a right angle on the wall, they describe the boundaries of an imagined picture-space: the wall becomes a painting, and its borders become the object. The discovery of the picture-space is left to the imaginative power of the viewer. Gerold Miller nominates the wall as the 'final ground', over-stepping previous borders between abstract painting and minimalist sculpture to broaden the categories of the conceptual.

Gerold Miller's „set“ test the limits of representation. They operate at the margins of plane and space, light and dark - or more precisely, at the margins of the visible. Large-scale black and blue monochrome surfaces absorb the viewer's gaze, the contrast of flat matt and lacquer gloss gives rise to illusionistic new spaces behind the picture surface. Overlapping areas of color draw the viewer out into new simulated spaces, which interplay and feedback to the surface.

According to Gerold Miller it may not be any longer the aim to invent new images. Rather, it is his intention to detach through the systematic reduction of artistic elements images from the remains of the visible and make them tangible.