Gerold Miller


The Krobath Wimmer gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Berlin-based artist Gerold Miller, opening on 11 March. In summer 2006 the group exhibition “black/white & chewing gum” curated by Gerold Miller was presented in the gallery.

Gerold Miller presents new wall-works from his “instant vision” series. The artist’s formally reduced wall-works made of aluminium and covered with high-gloss paint represent an exploration of pictorial presentation in the space between painting and sculpture. He is interested in the fine line where three-dimensional objects become a two-dimensional surface, and where objectivity turns into abstraction. As flat sculptures, Miller’s works are a new concept of pictorial presentation which is far from being just a picture.

In “instant vision” the artist deals with the fragmented manner of perception characteristic of our fast-paced times. The objects display surfaces without any depth; they are fast and beautiful, and at the same time rigid and precise. Sculpture is reduced to painting, three-dimensional perspectives are replaced by the centrifugal movement of rotating circles. This series is the result of processing impressions that are formative yet transient visual components of urban life. In “instant vision” Miller condenses this reality, which is mostly perceived as temporary, into post-industrial impressionism.

In addition to this series, a “new edition” of a conceptual work from 1996 will be presented in print. The work centres around a little mongrel, Viktor, who after having read one of Gerold Miller’s catalogues “marks” the four corners of the exhibition room in a performance. On the occasion of this exhibition the artist will present a new conceptual piece which addresses the connections and relationships between gallery / art collectors on the one hand and artists on the other.