Esther Stocker


1974 born in Schlanders, Italy. Lives and works in Vienna.

Although Esther Stocker’s works are based on geometric principles, they always have imperfections and faults. She has developed a system of geometric symbols and grids in black, white and grey, and sometimes transfers this into the third dimension, thereby modifying the surrounding space and architecture. A key theme is “presenting a functional system of the ambiguous and of the vagueness of exact forms”. She mostly integrates minimal imperfections into her works, which results in dynamic visual spaces that disrupt the perceived systematic order. The artist explains: “I need the pattern or rather the systematic order before I can create deviations from it. The absence of system can only be described through systems. It is part of the system. Behind every instance of chaos, there is always a certain kind of order.” Stocker also transfers her paintings into the three-dimensional space by bringing the mental experience of entering a painting into reality. When viewers walk into Stocker’s installations, they are in the midst of the image and can explore new dimensions by moving through it (much like the installation Stocker developed for Museum Liaunig).

Quoted from: Günther Oberhollenzer. Geometrische Abstraktion, malerische Experimente und die Überwindung des Zweidimensionalen. Fair – Magazin für Kunst und Architektur, 01/2018 (English translation: Mandana Taban)