transcending forms


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Monochromatic shades and geometric configurations‚ÄĒElisa Alberti‚Äôs oeuvre is known for its clear and precise formal language, within which stringent renditions of pared- down shapes intersect with precise painterly technique. Within her current exhibition ‚ÄúTranscending Forms‚ÄĚ at Galerie Krobath, Vienna, the artist embarks on a nuanced exploration of expanding and refining her individual lexicon of forms, thus engaging in a dialogue with reflections on the canvas surface, declaring an initial progression towards sculpture and object.

Drawing inspiration from the Neo-Geo movement of the 1980s, featuring notable figures such as Gerwald Rockenschaub, Alberti embraces the abstract essence, steering clear of narrative distractions in her artistic endeavors. The artist immerses herself in a precisely defined spectrum of color and symbolism, originally rooted in an exploration or organic forms like botanical sketches and paintings, interwoven with abstract motifs. Evolving over time, Alberti systematically attenuated these motifs, pushing them towards the limit of abstraction until their tether to the tangible dissolved entirely‚Äďa vocabulary of shape, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the potential of minute deviations and subtle shifts to gain new configurations, arrangements of color and interesting layouts.

Within “Transcending Forms” the artist reintroduces chromatic experimentation, notably with cobalt blue gracing two works within the exhibition. It is within these compositions that the delicate nuances and subtle differentiations of color fields manifest conspicuously. The canvas intermittently permeates, unveiling an interplay of luminosity, shadow, and tonal contrasts. Furthermore, a series of works on natural linen stands out, showcasing the artist’s deliberate choice to leave areas and forms open. This intentional approach allows the canvas’s texture to subtly emerge, resulting in a delicate composition of color.

Within the exhibition Alberti introduces a substantial sculptural component to the space. Positioned on the right side of the gallery, an object crafted from brushed aluminum, articulated in the artist’s distinctive formal language, beckons viewers to engage in a comprehensive exploration of its form. Devoid of a traditional pedestal, the sculpture seamlessly integrates into the gallery space, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in Alberti’s evocative formal vocabulary through its multidimensional presence.

“Transcending Forms” serves as an introspective contemplation of Alberti‚Äôs own artistic praxis. Entailing a deliberate revisiting of previously explored elements, the artist seeks to harness their latent potential anew and thus creates new configurations of geometric forms, color arrangements and three-dimensional works.

Text: Livia Klein

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