“In case of boredom, recite the ABC more often"
Curated by 2021 "COMEDY"


About the exhibition

Vito Baumüller . Julie Bender Herdina . Gabi Blum . Leona Boltes . Felix Burger . Böhler & Orendt . Brad Downey . Anne Duk HeeJordan . Christian Eisenberger . Moritz Frei . Frankfurter Hauptschule . Andrew Gilbert . Veronika Günther . Leon Höllhumer . Claudia Holzinger/Lilly Urbat . Christian Jankowski . Anna Ley . Hoa Luong . Patricia Martsch . Anna McCarthy . Monika Michalko . Jannik Richard . Stefanie Sargnagel . Kristina Schmidt . Sophia Süßmilch . Veli & Amos . Valentin Wagner . Marcel Walldorf . Nouchka Wolf . Thomas Zipp

In this year’s edition of the gallery festival curated by 2021, SPATZI SPEZIAL (Sophia Süßmilch and Valentin Wagner) will be curating an exhibition entitled “In case of boredom, recite the ABC more often”, embedding the festival’s theme “Comedy” into an artificial order. The decisive factor here is not the topic, chronology, quantities or the context of the works, but our alphabet with its artificial order of a finite number of objects. Alpha and omega. The duo SPATZI SPEZIAL thus subvert the current forms of exhibition as well as reception. With this act of refusal, they merely seem to elude a certain discourse, just pretending not to play along – and they fail miserably.

The original idea for this project is from Sophia Süßmilch’s video from 2011 entitled “In case of boredom, recite the ABC more often”, where the artist appears before the camera wearing a bee costume in Coney Island, New York, languidly reciting the ABC. When she is finished, she adds dryly: “Well, nothing much going on here” and leaves the picture.

Well, we’re curious to see what will be going on at curated by 2021. If it’s boring, we can all just go home.

The exhibition also extends into the small room at the back of the gallery. The room will be turned into a chamber of horrors as the artists dabble in a classic genre, namely clown portraits.

The works by the participating artists move between cheerfulness and gloom and enjoy revealing the abysses of the human soul. For this exhibition, SPATZI SPEZIAL have invited artists who inspired them in their own works, including some well-known names, but also some hot new discoveries from the duo’s milieu.

Saturday, September 4, 2021 at 5pm
A Performance by and with Patricia Martsch and Felix Maria Zeppenfeld, with a figure by Anna Pelz.

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