Elisa Alberti @ Artissima Turin:


02.11. – 05.11.2023
Hall Fuxia
Booth 15

Krobath Wien is pleased to show a solo presentation of ELISA ALBERTI.

The paintings of Elisa Alberti (*1992, Kiel) are determined by simple geometric shapes and soft, monochrome surfaces.

The works are realized in acrylic and varnish on canvas or wood as a picture carrier; in addition to large, there are also small formats that seem serial.

Again and again Alberti creates room-sized installations in order to set surface and space, two- and three-dimensionality in dialogue with each other in an experimental and self-confident manner. The specific geometric arrangement and the resulting aesthetics are reminiscent of works of concrete art.

The new sculptures layer their characteristic forms in two colors in fine aluminum plates, thus transforming their flat paintings into three-dimensional bodies.

The reduced vocabulary of forms and the harmonious color tone, the curved surfaces and soft curves are stringently executed and characterized by a consistent painterly attitude.