Sofie Thorsen

Exhibition view, 2016
"EMAK Bakia", curated by

What potential can be found in a line? Using string flicked against a wall to make a line, which is echoed in a nearby corner of the room, the artist demarcates where a two-dimensional surface gives way to the third dimension and a sequence of works mounted on panels. This quickly applied line usually serves the purpose, in building works for example, as a straight line,; as archaic as it might seem, of marking the line dividing where a space begins and ends. A single line can alter the relationship between a surface and a space, opening it up, or it can also draw attention to an empty area. Together, through different thickness lines and varying relationships to both elements of the space and each other, a spatial dimension can be defined and even point to a perspective from which the entire work is intended to be viewed. This type of line also hints at the time frame of its making: a visible trace of powdered pigment serves as a reminder of its creation and hints at potential activity therein. And this straight line also stands for, in its exactitude, efficiency and the degree to which the artist is in control of the situation at hand. The technique the artist uses, making a mark with string with pigment on it as a physical act in which a surface has been touched, is an indexical gesture towards what is potentially missing.
In addition to her works using lines on walls, Sofie Thorsen has, in recent years, called attention to surfaces, spaces and temporal structures through the interaction with new, even contrasting features: rigid, repetitive patterns of absolutely straight lines next to each other are broken by lines that change course and touch other through chance, and tension occurs through the yielding of control. A constant, however, remains the spatial nature of making these marks by causing string that has been infused with pigment to hit and mark a surface by most minimal means, evoking an infinite art space.
Her collages bring this line back into play in a different way, delineating what can be perceived as a space: lines outline an area, defining a shape. The artist extracts surfaces between lines which provided with a sense of materiality by painting them. As a result, the painted paper no longer lies flat on the surface. Cut-out forms are then brought together as small format objects of art and lines, surfaces and define spaces which then become a relief. This causes the physical context of the work to come to the fore as a three-dimensional element, whether in the form of a protuberance or an indentation. The relief has a profound effect on the surface adjacent to it which provides a two-dimensional pendant to each movement in the space itself.
In Sofie Thorsen’s presentation, walls serve as fundamental surfaces on which marks are made or picture panels hang. One of the walls in the exhibition has been painted so that it provides, both in its texture and colour, a point of reference. Opposite that wall, collage reliefs hang, consolidating the various elements in the show, drawing viewers’ attention to the movements and reflections that are part and parcel of the entire installation as a whole.

©Verena Gamper, 2019
English translation: Deborah S. Phillips





Sofie Thorsen

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

1971 born in Århus, Denmark
1993–94 School of Visual Arts, Budapest
1995–01 Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Kopenhagen
1999–01 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2005–09 Artistic collaborator at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Performance Art und Sculpture)

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2023Skravering, Ringsted Galleriet, Ringsted, DK
2022Shards, Krobath, Wien, A
2021The Most Beautiful Aquisitions, Skulpturensalen, Det Fynske Kunstakademi, DK
2019Relief, Krobath, Wien, A
2017 Appeared After Rain, Kunstbüro, A
Whose Sleeves?, Anhava Galerie, Helsinki, FI
Some Lines, Center for Energiadministration, Esbjerg, DK
2015Ballspielwände, commisioned by BIG Art for
BRG Rechte Kremszeile, Krems, A
Ansicht, Schnitt,Mumok Kino, Wien A
2014“Sofie Thorsen”, Krobath Wien
2013“Sofie Thorsen – Mosaic”, House of Art České Budějovice, Budweis
“Sofie Thorsen”, Bank Austria Kunstforum, Wien
2012“Sofie Thorsen – Schnitt A-A‘”, Kunsthaus Baselland
“Sofie Thorsen – Schnitt A-A‘”, Kunsthaus Graz, Kooperation mit der Diagonale 2012
2011“Habitat”, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
2010“Leuchtend Grau”, Kunstverein Langenhagen e.V., Langenhagen
Krobath, Berlin
2009“The Colourless Island”, The Aarhus Art Building, Århus
Krobath, Wien
2008 “Wenn wir da sind”, Projekt Freizeichen, Mürzzuschlag
2007 Wandmalerei, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg
“Landmark”, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich, Oberleiserberg
2005“162 von 172 Häusern stehen an der Hauptstraße…”, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
“The Golden Castle That Hung in the Air”, Raster, Warschau
1998“Window sill”, rum 46, Århus (mit Elsebeth Jørgensen)
Den Store Perlekæde, Kunstakademiets Udstillingsted, Kopenhagen

Group Exhibitions and Festivals (Selection)

2023Zwischen Bild und Raum, Sofie Thorsen und Monique S. Desto, Klockermuseum, Hall in Tirol, A
2020Groupshow Krobath Wien, Wien (A)
“Reflex Bauhaus. 40 objects – 5 conversations”, Pinakothek der Moderne
Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, München, DE
2019Konkrete Gegenwart, Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich, CH
Reflex Bauhaus, Die Neue Sammlung. The Design Museum, München, DE
2018 Yesterday, Today, Today, Kunstraum Buchberg, Schloss Buchberg,
A VICE VERSA: Our Earth is their Moon, our Moon is their Earth
m3 festival / Art in Space, Prague, CZ Wiener Raum, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Wien, A Collage, Krobath Wien, A
Entends-tu ce que je vois ? Do you see what I hear?, Dazibao, Montreal, CAN
2017 Traces of Time, Leopold Museum, Wien, A
ICH WEISS NICHT – Growing Relations Between Things, MAK /Vienna Biennale, A
2016 AWAY Exhibit – Stories from Abroad, Ehemaliges Post- und Telegraphenamt Vienna, A
Make Space Between, Petra Gut Contemporary, Zürich, CH
EMAK BAKIA, Krobath, Vienna, A
“Beton”, Kunsthalle Wien
“Die Sprache der Dinge – Materialgeschichten aus der Sammlung”, 21er Haus, Wien
“Malerei im Raum ABSTRAKT – SPITAL”, Kunsthalle Krems
Forårsudstillingen 2016, Den Frie, DK
2015Kinoprogramms Ansicht, Schnitt, MUMOK, Wien
2014Modes of Democracy, Dox, CZ
Architecture and Photography, Fotografisk Center, København DK
“Family”, IMO, København, DK
2013The Collection #4, 21er Haus, Wien, A
Open Studios, ISCP, New York
Social Design, Galerie Emil Filla, Usti nad Labem, CZ
“DISTURBING THE PIECE“, Marta Herford, Gehry Galleries, Germany
“Is My Territory“, Curated By Monica Bonvicini, Christine König Galerie, Vienna
“The Vienna Model – Housing For The 21st Century City“, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, USA
Thorbjørn Bechmann og Sifie Thorsen: IG 383 and The Play Sculptures, Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art, Kopenhagen
2012“Spiele der Stadt Wien”, Wien Museum
Art after 1900, Statens Museum for Kunst, København DK
Große Jahresgabenausstellung 2012, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Köln, DE
„An_Eignungen“, Kunstverein Langenhagen, Germany
„Dansk Og International Kunst Efter 1900“, Statens museum for kunst, Copenhagen
2011Schöne Aussichten, 21er Haus, Wien, A
Kardinal-König Kunstpreis, Kunstraum St. Virgil, Salzburg, A
Generationenstadt, Kunsthaus Muerz, Mürzzuschlag A
“Taktiken des Wilderns”, Salzburger Kunstverein
“Vermessung der Welt – Heterotopien und Wissensräume in der Kunst”, Kunsthaus Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum
“Beziehungsarbeit – Kunst und Institution”, Künstlerhaus Wien
“PASJA ORNITOLOGA. TWORZENIE MITU” – kuratiert von Adam Budak
Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej BWA SOKÓŁ
“Space Oddity” – kuratiert von Friederike Nymphius, Andratx, Art Foundation Mallorca
“PUZZLE – Die Sammlungsausstellung 2010”, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
“The Achromatic Island”, Diagonale – Festival des österreichischen Films, Graz
2010“Die Welt als Kulisse”, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck
“Das Dorf”, Kunsthaus Langenthal
“High Ideals & Crazy Dream”, Vera Munro, Hamburg
2009“PROVISORISCHES YOGA”, Grazer Kunstverein, Graz
“Forschungsstationen”, Kunstverein Langenhagen e.V., Langenhagen
“SOZIALER RAUM – KünstlerInnen und der Wiener Gemeindebau”, Temporary Space, Wien
“FIFTY FIFTY” Kunst im Dialog mit den 50er-Jahren, WIEN MUSEUM Karlsplatz, Wien
“STILL / MOVING / STILL”, Internationaal VIDEO FOTO festival KNOKKE HEIST, Cultuurcentrum Knokke-Heist, Belgien
“fake or feint – sechs Szenarien zu taktischen Markierungen: Scenario 2” Kaucyila Brooke, Sofie Thorsen / Katharina Lampert, Berlin Carré, Berlin
2008“The Artist as Troublemaker”, ACF ny – Austrian Cultural Forum, New York
“Wunderkammer Lüneburg – Jahresgaben 2008”, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg
Overdragelse, Overgaden. Institut for Samtidskunst, Kopenhagen
“Zero Gravity – The architecture of social space”, Center for contemporary art, Plovdiv
“Land of Human Rights: At the Limits of the Thinkable”, Galerie Emil Filla, Ústí nad Labem
“Bela Kolárová, Falke Pisano, Janice Kerbel, Sofie Thorsen”, Galerie Krobath Wimmer, Wien
“Nothing to Declare”, 4. Triennale Zeitgenössische Kunst Oberschwaben, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen
“Post-it cities”, CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
“Land of Human Rights: An der Grenze des Denkbaren”, Rotor, Graz
2007 NMWA’s 20th Anniversary Festival of Women’s Film & Media Arts, NMWA, Washington DC
2006“STORYLINES”, Centre d’art Passerelle, Brest
“Public Dreams”, Usti nad Labem
10. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
Fourth Annual San Diego Women Film Festival, San Diego
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Diagonale 06 – Festival des Österreichischen Films, Graz
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Festival der Regionen, Oberösterreich
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“Ude og hjemme”, Overgaden, Kopenhagen
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“¡Hasta La Vista!”, Kopenhagen (mit OTTO)
“I love nature”, Kopenhagen (mit Elsebeth Jørgensen) (arrangiert von by OTTO)
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(mit Elsebeth Jørgensen) (arrangiert von Volume)
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–, Kom de Bagfra, Kopenhagen (mit Åsa Frankenberg)
“Alle kanonerne”, RÃ¥dskælderen, Charlottenborg, Kopenhagen (mit Åsa Frankenberg)
1997–2003Zusammenarbeit mit | collaboration with Elsebeth Jørgensen
2000–2005 Zusammenarbeit mit der Künstlerinnengruppe | collaboration with the feminist artist group A Room of One’s Own
1997–2001 Mitgründerin vom Ausstellungsraum OTTO | cofounder of the artist run exhibition-space OTTO, Kopenhagen (mit Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Jeppe Hein, Eske Kath, Marie Rømer Westh og Tine Bundgaard)

Awards and scholarships

2017 Dagmar Chobot Skulpturenpreis
Arbejdslegat, Statens Kunstfond
2016 ISCP New York, sponsored by Statens Kunstfond
2013 ISCP New York, sponsored by BKA
2011 3-Ã¥rigt arbejdstipendium, Statens Kunstfond
Diagonale-Preis Innovatives Kino der Stadt Graz
Lobende Erwähnung: Sofie Thorsen für The Achromatic Island
2009 Förderpreis der Stadt Wien
2008 Arbejdslegat, Statens Kunstfond
2007 Arbejdslegat, Statens Kunstfond
Atelierstipendium, BKA, Tokyo
2006 Arbejdslegat, Statens Kunstfond
2005 Arbejdslegat, Statens Kunstfond
2004 Österreichisches Staatsstipendium
2002 Blinky-Palermo-Stipendium
2001 Anni und Heinrich Sussmann Stiftung
2000 Ragnvald og Ida Blix Fond
1999 Fundation Idella


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